Privacy Policy has created a number of policies so that we can demonstrate to our demonstrate for the commitment of customers and client's privacy and another information as well. If you have any type of question or confusion then you can strictly get in touch with us through the by using contact page or you can also e mail us at

1. No Promotional E-mails, Updates and Newsletters is coated in those companies who don’t send any kind of promotional, updates and newsletters to any of the customer. We never ever send any type of emails or try to contact any of our customers via email but we do reply of all the emails and chat which we receive from all our customers to help them.
Only those users are able to receive our emails who start any type of communication with us whether it is from the e ­ mail or from the support and we do reply to another support request for the technical support or for information request which is necessary for customer fulfillment for the Order Now.

2. Software Order Now & Service

Any of the customers can Order Now any product (software) from the site and we do keep a record of some details like name, address and e mail address. So that we can keep the record of our customers and can provide them complete support so that we can recognize them whenever they come in touch with us and we do not share any of these information to any person/ organization in any circumstances.

3. Site Links

While browsing the site there may be possibility that you come across various another websites as well. Please be aware of the situation when you come across to leave our site. Even in such situations when you land on e commerce website and be sure that you must read all terms and conditions and privacy policy as well.

4. Secure Information

We have taken complete professional services for the third party companies who are taking commercially and reasonable precautions so that they can easily give every possible security to the persons But as per the nature of the internet there are various information tracking programs all such services are infallible and thus we disclaim all type of warranty that such precautions takes place. This statement in the privacy policy applies solely only on this websites.

5. Personal Information Disclosure

We have to disclose all the personal information whenever it is required by law or demanded by any legal notice and we have a deep faith that we should help government to take better judicial proceeding. We also have the right to disclose the information to full extent so that we can save bitwares from any type of harm.